Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Going Home

I'm getting ready to go home to NC for two weeks. I've been at I-House now for one year, and in some ways it feels like I've been here a lot longer. I remember last August when I was planning to go home, I was so homesick and so ready to be in NC, chomping at the bit to get there, not caring what I would miss here. And I realized this week that I don't feel like that now... I really miss my family, and I am excited to see people and visit my old haunts, but it's different this time. My friends asked me if I wanted to leave early, since I don't have any programs to work in this Thursday and Friday, and I find myself resisting that. I can't leave early - I'd miss two lessons with the good Pastor, I'd not have time to visit my student and her brand new baby at the hospital, I wouldn't get to see the girls on Girls' Night, I wouldn't get to hang out with Kelsey or meet with Becky, and Moi San (Nibs) might grow another tooth in that time. I'm already missing Maelynn's graduation party on Monday and I feel sad that I'm not able to spend time with the youth for two weeks. I don't just have programs and students anymore, I have friends and social activities and ministry. This isn't just where I work now... it's where I live and grow too.