Thursday, October 26, 2017

Two things tires and Connies shouldn't do

...swell and leak. 

Unfortunately, most of my energy this week has been spent doing these two things. My new surgical incision started seeping at varying intervals and in varying quantities, and my back got pretty swollen and sore, too. I went through quite a bit of sterile gauze, paper tape, Tylenol, and ice packs. When I was up, I wore a back brace like a corset, and when I didn't have to be up, I was laying flat on my bed. When I was at my best, I was praying and singing praise songs, and when I wasn't, I was racking my brain for what else I could do to make the healing process more successful. It was difficult. 

My one-week check-up last Thursday was quite a long, confusing, and exhausting mixed bag, but the best thing that came out of that time was that I was able to get my last loading dose (#4) of Spinraza! So I don't need another one for four more months - that's February, people. Praying that we'll get to see some good progress in the meantime. If I do, I'll be sure to report it right here, so stay tuned!

My two-week check-up today was much shorter and sweeter. I got my stitches out, and miraculously (seriously, it's a miracle) my back has stopped swelling and leaking, and is looking much more normal... well, whatever my "normal" means. So I got the A-OK from the nurse - no more gauze, no more corsets, no more bed rest. To me, this was great news... it means maybe, just maybe I can get back to really living my life. 

Which is a good thing, because tires and Connies are meant to move... there are so many places to go, people to see, and things to do! Look out world, here I come (again)!