Friday, August 22, 2014

My parents

I've been at home in NC for about a month now. I don't have many friends my age to hang out with, and I'm still seeking direction from God about what to do next. So I've been spending a lot of this time with my parents.

My dad and I like to go out to breakfast together once a week, and mom and I have tea time together almost every afternoon. These are the times when we really get to talk... they are both good listeners and have a lot of wisdom that I need to hear, too. They've taught me so much over the years, and still have so much to give.

At home we play with the family dog, Beau, watch "Chuck" and "MASH" on TV, have picnics in the backyard, and do puzzles - right now we have a 1000-piece beautiful view of the Avon River in New Zealand. And Mom and I go consignment shopping, get frozen yogurt waffle cones on "Waffle Wednesday," and experiment with new cooking recipes. It's been fun to share this season of my life with them, and I will treasure the memories.

Most of all, I like watching them together... the way they joke together and serve together. They love each other, and love the Lord, and I'm so thankful that is my heritage.