Monday, January 29, 2018


One more week until my first post-loading-dosage treatment! Medically speaking, my life has been pretty quiet for the last three months, which I am incredibly thankful for. There's been no more swelling or leaking. I've dealt with some sciatic nerve pain, but that is improving with stretches and a new seat cushion.

The big question people constantly ask me is: Do you notice any improvements or change? It's hard for me to identify specific things, but others have told me that my neck seems stronger and I'm able to bend my arms easier.

Over Christmas break, I tested my ability with some hand-crafted projects: a cross-stitch "baby's first Christmas" ornament for my darling baby niece, Josie, and this nifty crochet hat for Kevan, which he said reminds him of old-school John Reuben:

I was pleased that I was able to complete both projects, and in a matter of days instead of weeks. I haven't been able to do these kinds of projects for about three years. One thing that made me laugh is that while I was working on them, my eyes got tired before my hands did! Being able to do these things is a huge encouragement to me, because it means my fingers, wrists, and arms are getting stronger. I am so thankful to be able to use my hands to create things that are beautiful and useful.