Saturday, September 11, 2010

Brooks of hope and Bail-outs of love

"Oh, look! A brook! How wonderful! I love little creeks and brooks," Pam said. "They remind me of hope." I looked doubtfully down into the brown ripples and tried to make the connection in the analogy. But she continued, "There's so many rocks and things in the way, but the water always finds a way to get around them and overcome the obstacles and continue to flow. It's the abundant life of water... no matter how turbulent it can be, it keeps moving on." I looked back down in that muddy stream again and smiled. I love when friends make me see God's purpose in a new way.

I'm sitting in the living room with my new roommates, talking about family... my brothers, especially. I have some amazing brothers. Gotta tell you that Andrew is doing the MDA lock-in fundraiser on September 23. Check out all the information about it here. And then support him, please!! It's a great cause, he's a great guy, and your help can make a great difference.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Farewell to Winston-Salem

Today is my last day in Winston-Salem for a while. This has been a great week of time with family and friends in some fun and unique W-S spots. I've decided that if I did a limited-time themed blog, it would be about all the cool, random things there are to see and do (and eat) in W-S! Here's some of the highlights of the week...

Kevan and Thomas and I went to the downtown theater, Aperture, for a show and then ran up all the levels of the Cherry Street parking deck to get a good view of the city skyline.

Laura F. and Katie and I went to "Breakfast Of Course," which I had just recently been introduced to by Ellen... it was so good I had to go back! Local flavor, trendy atmosphere, good conversation.

We managed to get a group picture of the Game Night crew, which meets at Laura W.'s place and it the most "happening" biweekly event that doesn't involve nightclubs for 20-somethings in this town.

And probably the epitome of Winston-Salem to-dos is Dewey's Bakery. Leigh Ann and Kristin and I went there for coffee and dessert. I got the classic Moravian sugar cake... which I normally only eat at Christmas time. I also bought a tin of Moravian sugar cookies to take back and share with my Indiana friends next week.

In addition, I went to Shallowford Square to see "Children of Eden," put on by the Westside Civics Theatre, and ate Laura W. at "4th Street Filling Station." Mom and Kevan and I also went down to Myrtle Beach, but I will save that for another entry, since it's not really in Winston-Salem at all... :)

Leaving for Fort Wayne in the morning. Pray for mom and I as we drive to be safe and alert and make good time. I'm glad I got to see as many of you as I did, and I'm sad I missed those of you who... I missed. I will see you in December, when I come home for a North Carolina Christmas. Until then, farewell Winston-Salem!