Saturday, September 11, 2010

Brooks of hope and Bail-outs of love

"Oh, look! A brook! How wonderful! I love little creeks and brooks," Pam said. "They remind me of hope." I looked doubtfully down into the brown ripples and tried to make the connection in the analogy. But she continued, "There's so many rocks and things in the way, but the water always finds a way to get around them and overcome the obstacles and continue to flow. It's the abundant life of water... no matter how turbulent it can be, it keeps moving on." I looked back down in that muddy stream again and smiled. I love when friends make me see God's purpose in a new way.

I'm sitting in the living room with my new roommates, talking about family... my brothers, especially. I have some amazing brothers. Gotta tell you that Andrew is doing the MDA lock-in fundraiser on September 23. Check out all the information about it here. And then support him, please!! It's a great cause, he's a great guy, and your help can make a great difference.

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