Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blissful Beach Days

Well I attended Willow Creek Community Church this morning and thought that since it is so famous and huge it would be something I could blog about... but there isn't much to say. It was cool to hear Bill Hybel speak in person, and he is a great Bible teacher. The campus was a bit overwhelming... felt like an airport or a colesium. I don't think a foodcourt or an indoor waterfall is entirely necessary at a church. So I'm gonna write about my time at the beach last week instead, since I said I would. :)

Bliss invited Mom, Kevan, and I to take a post-Labor Day last-chance-of-the-summer getaway to Myrtle Beach last week. It was two days of pure sunshine, blue sky, gentle water, and my favorite: that sweet salty sea breeze. Kevan and I got to explore a bit up and down the sidewalk along the beachfront and rode our chairs up to the top of a ten-story parking deck one day to see what we could see, and we all went down to a big fishing pier the next day. It's so much fun to go anywhere with Kevan and Bliss, because people just can't help but like them, so they make a dozen new acquaintenances with every outing and I get to observe some interesting characters. I got a great tan - my only real tan of the summer - as I read on the beach and floated around in the lazy river at our hotel. We ate seafood and ice cream, worked on a jigsaw puzzle, and listened to Kevan's music in the evenings. I love being in the city, in the mountains, and in gardens, but there is always just something incredibly relaxing and refreshing about spending time at the beach...

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