Monday, September 13, 2010

Progressive Dinner Extravaganza

I love my new missionary friends!!!
Today was our first day of training together. We got to pray for each other, study the Bible, and we learned about vision, mission, cross-cultural communication, and "the flow of salvation." We also practiced sharing our testimonies with each other. After just one day we feel like we have been friends for years.
Tonight we decided to do a progressive dinner in the dorm, so we went to one apartment for bread and salad, another apartment for spaghetti, and another one for brownies and cupcakes. We sat with different people at each apartment and told stories, played music and laughed a lot. It was an awesome way to get to know everyone, and they are all so cool. It's interesting to be surrounded by people who all are kind of in the same place in life, getting ready to set out on the mission field... there's so much we share, and this time is so precious.

On Thursday night we're having talent-and-culture show... stay tuned for further description (as soon as we actually figure out what it means!). In the mean time, enjoy these pictures of our dinner tonight!

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