Saturday, September 18, 2010

Many Roads

This morning Pam and I left Elgin and headed back to Fort Wayne, to really put into practice the things we've learned. On the way home, we listened to a song called "Many Roads," by Andrew Peterson, and realized it spoke really well to the incredible experiences we had in getting to know the staff and students this week. I think my favorite times were sitting around the dinner table long after we'd finished eating, and sitting in the louge trying to piece together a puzzle, because during those times we got to hear the "long version" of people's testimonies (we'd all had to present our testimonies in under eight minutes on the first day). Over and over again, we were all in awe of the steps God led us each through to get to this point in our lives - this precious moment in time of learning and growing - before sending us all over the world.

This is a picture of my roommates for the week, who will shortly be heading off to South America and the Middle East, some to places that are closed and potentially dangerous. As you look at the picture, please take a minute to pray for each one, that God will continue to guide them and use them for the sake of his kingdom.

Here is the song, which will forever remind me of this special group:

"If you'll step inside this great glass elevator
It'll take us up above the city lights
To where the planet curves away to the equator
I wanna show you something fine

You can see the roads that we all traveled just to get here
A million miniscule decisions in a line
Why they brought us to this moment isn't clear
But that's all right, we've got all night

Could it be that the many roads
We took to get here
Were just for me to tell this story
And for you to sing this song
And our many hopes
And many fears
Were meant to bring us here
All along..."

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