Sunday, September 19, 2010

The guts to try

Today Pam and I had lunch at an Indian buffet, where we sampled simply everything on the line. We stuffed our faces with curry and potatoes and boasted of our culinary open-mindedness... how we will try anything once. And at that moment, God laughed at us.

When we got home this evening, our house families were having a big dinner and invited us to join in... no, actually that isn't true. Hau Lun put it in front of us and told us to eat. And what was our Chin delicacy of the night? Rice, soup, and beef!... and stomach. Yes. The "frilly" bits were stomach. Mmmm... so about that "try anything once" thing... But Pam was so brave, and took a bite. I had a hard time even picking it up (rice and beef to be eaten with bare hands), but eventually managed to eat some too. It tasted a little more pungent than the other pieces, but the texture was really the worst part, since it was spongey and chewy and... frilly. Ok, enough of that talk...

We decided to offer some American food to our friends, and what could be more American than frozen pizza? So we cut it up small and I took it out on a plate to serve like appetizers. Hau Lun tried to resist and say he was too full, but I insisted. After all, I had eaten the stomach he served me, the least he could do was try tomato paste on bread. So he did, and most of the others tried it too. Little Michael LOVED the pizza and had a lot of fun making a tomatoey mess on... everything. I was proud of him for being so brave as to try food from another culture... future missionary, perhaps??

Those cross-cultural classes last week have already begun to pay off - thanks, Jim and Lina!

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