Friday, September 24, 2010

Life, Language, Laughter, Love

If you had been outside my house window last night, you may have been incredibly confused. You would have heard something like this: "Michael, ing! Horse. Neigh!" "Horse, Sa-Col." "So-Cal? Sa-Col. Sa-Col, Horse. Neigh!" "Neigh!" "Ah, Horse, Horse." "Nu Nu, ing! Sa-Col!" "Yes, Horse." "Neigh!" And then peels of laughter. Somewhat reminiscent of a preschool class. This is our new bilingual fellowship time, born last night around our kitchen table, laid with biscotti and coffee and bowls of milk. While the boys, Michael and Jolien, soaked up the milk in their cookies and had the time of their lives making a royal mess, Lian and Thang Ngaih bounced the babies and I used a children's picture book to help us all learn. I learned quickly how to tell Michael "No, get down! Sit! Stop!" in Zo, and the women learned how to say it all in English. For the first time in my life, learning a new language doesn't feel stressful. It is a joy and delight with my new friends.

Lian came in this morning to my room with a cup of her special coffee for me, which has a big spoonful of condensed milk mixed in to it. We talked a little bit, and if I followed the conversation right, I think we are going to watch a movie in a bit together and she's going to show me how she makes chicken. Should be a fun day! I love sharing life - all the language, laughter, and love - with my families.

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