Thursday, September 16, 2010

For the ITeams Missionaries of Fall 2010

For the new lights I've met this week...Thank you for sharing your stories and your lives with me. My light shines brighter because of your faith.

Here we are, together in one room
Yet called to the ends of the earth
Here we are, looking at each other
Yet focused on the nations beyond
Here we are, with a unified goal
Yet commissioned with such diversity
Expressed in our histories
Received through our faith
Blessed in knowing our God
Is a personal healer
Is an ingenious innovator
Is the great multi-tasker
Changing our hearts
Shaping our lives
Guiding our paths
To this moment in eternity
To serve the Lord of eternity
For the sake of eternity
He is our Light
And in us he put his light
So that we might

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