Monday, March 29, 2010

Defender of the weak

My dog, Beau, has this issue with cats. If he smells them nearby - and by "nearby" I mean in the general vicinity of our big backyard - there's a ridge of hair that stands up on his back and he nearly goes through the window. Poor thing goes absolutely ballistic. But that is normal, right? I mean, even in cartoons, dogs hate cats... I've known this from my early days with Tom and Jerry and that bulldog, Spike, or Sylvester and Tweety and that other dog that looks suspiciously like Spike. But as I observe Beau, I realize he doesn't have a general viciousness against feline kind without cause or reason.

Beau loves birds. We have a bird feeder and bath outside the window in our backyard, and one of Beau's favorite pastimes is sitting in the recliner by the window, watching the sparrows, chickadees, and wrens enjoy their breakfast.
The cats also like to watch the birds... but with a darker and more morbid intention. And Beau is quite perceptive about this intention. So when the cats come around, he feels it is his duty to defend the weak and innocent. He SLAMS against the window, claws at the pane, slobbers all over the glass and fogs it up with the hot breath from his angry, loud barks. The cats get the message and run off, plotting their next attempt a little more carefully.
And I think Beau is a hero. He knows his feathered friends and delights in them, he is always on guard for their safety, and will fearlessly protect them at the first sign of danger. And I think the little birds know this, because the Spoon Drop Inn Bird Bath & Breakfast is the most popular, most frequented, most happening place on the block.
I love that Jesus is not only my friend, but also my protector and defender. I am amazed that he delights in watching me enjoy his blessings, that his favorite pastimes are just spending some time with me... that he likes me! And I am so thankful that he watches over me and fights for me... that he is my shepherd who guides and defends me, so I lack nothing and have nothing to fear.
Jesus said that he takes care of the birds of the air and knows if even one falls, and I think he's given Beau a small but valuable role to play in that. But then he reassures me by saying that if I see that he cares that much for the little birds, that I should understand his love and concern for me is so much greater. So whenever I see the way Beau loves the birds, I am reminded of the way Jesus loves me.

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  1. Connie,

    I was also struck by Mark mentioning that Jesus doesn't just love us, he likes us too. :-) Can I borrow Beau to come chase away the squirrels that freqent my feeders more than the birds? :-( Stupid squirrels...