Monday, March 8, 2010

Time for a little change

I've been keeping up an online journal for a little over seven years now on a quiet little website called It's simple and easy... but it is hard to develop a real audience with it. I've considered trying a different site many times before, but sentimentally stuck with what I know. Today I've decided to be bold - to step out and try something new. We'll see if it is successful. If you want to browse through the past seven years of entries (I may refer to them from time to time) then here is the link:

For those who have been enjoying my Bowl of Cherries for a while, don't worry, the content will be the same... there may be occasional pictures to enhance the stories, too. And for those who just happened across this new blog, I hope you will visit again and share your thoughts with me. I like to write about the people I meet, the things I love, the places I go, and the ways God is changing me day by day.

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