Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The brief catch-up

I am in the public library, the keyboard is hard for me to use, and the little timer at the top of my screen blinks to remind me I only have 30 minutes to tell you about the last three eventful and adventurous days... not exactly the setting I was hoping for, but we make do. Hopefully my laptop will be fixed this afternoon and next time I write I will be in a place that is a little more condusive to poetic inspiration.

Greetings from Ft. Wayne!

Saturday Leigh Ann and I spent close to twelve hours on the road, but what a road it is! It was beautiful to ride through the mountains of Virginia and West Virginia, and then slowly watch the landscape flatten out and the sky stretch wide its arms across the open fields of Ohio and Indiana. I just stared in wonder at one edge of the horizon to another. A person can just breathe deeper here.

We've begun to explore our surroundings - located familiar spots like Wal-Mart and Starbucks and new and exciting places like Culvers and Krogers. Our house is literally in the middle of everything, and the furthest anything is is 8 minutes away. There is a citywide handicap bus system too, that I plan to try out very soon.

Yesterday we got to meet "The Teams" - my caretakers and the ministry leaders. They are all great women with beautiful hearts and I can't wait to get to know them better and maybe even introduce them to you!

My first ESL class begins tonight. I am very excited but also very nervous about meeting a lot of new people and knowing what to do for our first time together. I am encouraged to know that when Jesus sent out his disciples as missionaries, he assured them he would go with them.

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