Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Night with the Chapmans

I have to take a minute and share with you the awesome experience I had the other night at the Steven Curtis Chapman concert at a local church. I'm pretty sure the last SCC concert I attended was in 1993... and as much as I still love his music and admire his ministry, another concert was long overdue. Anyway, Pam and I went together and half hoped/half assumed he would sing some of our old favorites that would take us back to middle school. We were not disappointed.

But before he came out, guess who the surprise opening act was? Three clues... he still doesn't play his own guitar on stage, he still has a mullet, and he still sings my favorite song by his band, "I've Got a Friend Like You"...

Geoff Moore (as in "The Distance"!) What I didn't know about Geoff Moore was that he and his wife adopted two baby girls from China and have partnered with the Chapmans as advocates for international adoption. How cool is that?!

After Geoff, there was Caleb. Caleb is SCC's oldest son, and he is a spitting image of Mr. Chapman himself, twenty years ago! Especially when he's playing an accoustic guitar...

Then old Stevie arrived, and as I said we were not disappointed. It's hard to pick one favorite song, but I'm pretty sure he covered most of my favorites. Then he sang some from his new album, "Beauty Will Rise," which was not at all bad either. His wife, Mary Beth, came out for a while and spoke about things that have happened in their life in the past few years, and the journey that God is continuing to take them on. It's actually a pretty amazing story that you should read about on their website, if you don't get a chance to hear it yourself in a concert coming soon to a town near you!

It makes me excited to hear their story. Show Hope and Maria's Big House are changing lives and spreading the hope and love of Jesus all over the world. I love that SCC isn't content to just be a million-award-winning music star, but that he wants to be elbow-deep in Kingdom work as long as he can. God bless the Chapmans and the families that are touched by them!

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