Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's the little things...

Here's some little things that I'm really thankful for today, here at home...

~ Reading a good book in a comfy chair.
~ Having Kevan read to me while I crochet.
~ Eating homemade rolls with cherry preserves.
~ Working on a great jigsaw puzzle with my dad.
~ Listening to, singing, and playing Christmas music.
~ Smelling the smells that come from mom's crockpot.
~ Watching my family's favorite movie again and still laughing.
~ Feeling big Beau puppy kisses on my cheek to wake me up.
~ Enjoying the colors of fall all over again in the mild, late changing South.
~ Sitting with my family around the table, laughing and telling stories long after we're done eating.

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