Monday, November 15, 2010

Watching Steven

I was zooming through the living room and heading for the front door to go to a meeting today when I heard massive explosions and screeching tires... not outside, but from the television behind me. Last time I checked there were no bombs or car chases in The Little Mermaid. "Thang Ngaih, what are you watching?" I asked my sweet friend. "Oh! It's Steven... you know Steven?" Thoroughly confused, I turned back around in time to see Steven Seagall run around a firey corner in a black jacket and toting two big guns. I half laughed, half rolled my eyes and said, "Yeah, I know Steven... sort of." I think the underwater Disney classic has finally taken its toll on my poor housemate.

When I returned after my meeting, she was still there watching a movie that wasn't animated, enjoying her temporary freedom while the kids were sleeping soundly on the couch. Only in passing I noticed she was no longer watching "Steven," or at least I didn't think so. I sat with her a minute trying to figure out what it was. The U.S. army was working hard to plan a big trap in the middle of New York City, and I kept recognizing actors from other movies I've seen - Matthew Broderik? Jean Reno? For the second time today and in the same tone I asked, "Thang Ngaih, what  are you watching?" She just said she didn't know, and she handed me the case. Godzilla! Oh my... My eyes travelled to the top of the television, where a pile of videos sat waiting to be watched. All action. Two "Steven" movies among them. I don't know who brought them home, but I'm pretty sure it was someone who had heard "Shalalala, kiss de girl" one too many times.

So I decided to stay and hang out with Thang Ngaih and watch the rest of Godzilla. It was sort of English practice too, because Thang Ngaih would repeat punchlines throughout the movie in her best American accent: "That's alotta fish!" and "Running would be a good idea." and "We're in his mouth!" It was absolutely hilarious for both of us, and yes, now many of you will probably want to go watch the movie, won't you? Well if you do, be sure to watch it with a Burmese friend.

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