Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hands and Feet

"I'll try to touch the world like You've touched my life,
And I'll find my way to be Your hands..." 

I love the idea of serving others by being the hands and feet of Jesus to them. But it's quite a challenge to be the "hands and feet of Jesus" when my own hands and feet are weak and pretty useless. I can't cook food for others, I can't pick up a crying baby, I can't drive to someone's house to visit them. In fact, I depend on other people to be my hands and feet so much that I wonder if they are in fact the hands and feet of Jesus by proxy...? No, I don't wonder... I know it's true. When my friends help me help others, they are partners with me in the gospel... they are serving Jesus. And that is a really incredible thing!

But what about me? How can I be the hands and feet of Jesus? What can He possibly do through these feet that can't bear weight, or these hands that can't open a bottle of water? Well, just this week, Jo-Lien has used my feet on their footplates as a little stool to sit on... And little Moi-San is getting strong enough to pull himself up on my legs into a standing position as tall as my knees, and he reaches out to hold my hands for balance. It blows my mind that my useless legs and fragile hands can provide stability and confidence for a little one... that my feet can be transformed into a place of comfort and rest... is that a glimpse of Jesus?

I know that the "hands and feet of Jesus" is not necessarily literal... I know it just means that wherever I go, whatever I do, I want to do it for Jesus and the way Jesus would do it. He can use my wheelchair to get me where he wants me to be. He can use my voice to speak truth and good news and encouragement. He can use my mind and gift/training of teaching to instruct and guide and express his love and wisdom, and share his story. He can even use my weak hands and legs and feet as a testimony of his faithfulness to me, his strength in the midst of my weakness.... His grace is sufficient for me. His power is made perfect in my weakness.

But it is amazing when he chooses to really use my hands and feet in small ways to serve and love in Jesus' name. It reminds me that my weak muscles are not useless and indispensable to Him. He rejoices to use even me to his glory. He rejoices to use even you. How will He use you to be his hands and feet today?

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