Monday, April 25, 2011

"Fellow Traveller"

"I don't know where you've come from
Or where you've been along your way
But I can tell you what I've lived through
And how I made it here today
Let me share with you the story of hope I've come to know
A love that's always for me
And a peace that frees my soul

Fellow traveler let me take you to a place where I've found rest
Fellow seeker let me show you where I've found true happiness
Fellow beggar I have good news, I know where there is bread..."

I absolutely love this song by Ginny Owens. It expresses exactly how I feel about authentic evangelism. It isn't about a sales pitch or winning a debate or debunking someone else's religious views. It's about sharing stories about a real relationship and how it has changed me and saved me, and is continuing to do so. It's about offering a better way to live - it's pointing to life at its fullest. The idea of evangelism used to scare me, because I feared awkwardness and rejection and failure. But I don't fear that anymore; I have nothing to lose, because all I have to do is share the story God is writing in my life. And it's an epic tale of "true love and high adventure!" - one that I am excited to share and people want to hear. It is not my job to convince and convert... it is my job to sow seeds, shake salt, and shine light. Jesus will use my story and the evidence of his love, joy, peace and hope in my life to accomplish his good purpose.

You know what else is amazing? The more I tell my story, the more excited I get about following Jesus... the more I fall in love with Him.

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