Friday, July 15, 2011


One day in Vancouver, I asked Kevan to give me a word of inspiration to write about, and his word was "Blue." So here's what came of that...

Blue. The light jacket on the back of a lawn chair that gently flutters in the breeze. Grandpa's gentleman shorts that he is wearing - navy, identical in shade and style to my dad's shorts, as they stand side by side. Blue. Grandma's thermos of peach juice that she pours into our styrofoam cups. The pattern on the serviettes we use to wipe melted chocolate chips from our fingers and watermelon juice from our chins. Blue. Dad's shirt, in horizontal lines, and his best friend's shirt, in vertical, as they reminice on childhood days. Mom's pants, as she sits cross-legged in the shade. Blue. Kevan's eyes, and his idea of a writing prompt. The sky, clear and seamless on this summer day. I lean back and look up through the maple boughs above - layers of green, webbing of brown wood, and highlights of blue - luminous blue. A bird, a plane, and a tuft of cotton seeds pass over, reminding me this is not a picture, a photo, a canvas landscape painting... though I imagine our delighted Artist God mixing his paints just so - to create just this exact hue that pleases his eye and thrills his heart... this beautiful blue.

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