Sunday, September 25, 2011

Special guest post

This was written last night by 14-year-old Jessica, my friend and summer intern at I-House, as a reflection on what she learned during her time there:

In America, especially in these economic times, it's easy to see poor families. This mission trip, however, really put it into perspective that poverty is relative. Not only that, but the magnitude of your faith and happiness isn't contingent on your paycheck or job status.

Living in America, I have grown up with a concrete mindset of wants and needs. For example, if your house doesn't have toilet paper and paper towels, then you're living without the basic "necessities," or needs. But in Fort Wayne, I encountered people who lacked just that. Yet they still tried to bless our church with cash money, a 50 pound bag of rice, and insisting to purchase dinner for the entire group on the trip. This family did all this with a smile on their face, in such an earnest attempt to help us because we were serving God.

This experience has most definitely affected my prayer life, for now I'm able to more accurately discern between my wants and my needs. The people I met over this trip have shown me the truest levels of contentment and faith, and I pray that's something I never lose sight of.

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