Sunday, February 19, 2012

Flowers in February

Last weekend, Pam, Hannah and I decided we had had enough of winter... so on a sunny Saturday we tromped through the slushy snow and ice to the Botanical conservatory in downtown Fort Wayne to savor the greenery, warmth, and flowers. Here's a little bit of what we got to enjoy:

Angel Trumpets

And even fruit! Orange trees remind me of Florida.
 It was a marvelous getaway for us, but going back to the cold, snowy, sleeping world was difficult. So Pam brightened up our house with a big bouquet of pink, purple, and white daisies!

But wait... that's not all! Hannah and I had settled ourselves in for a quiet Valentine evening, when there was a knock at the door. Two of the teen guys from the Youth Program proudly stepped in and presented us with a card signed by all the kids, a classic box of chocolates, and a lovely bouquet of flowers. They hugged us and wished us a happy Valentine's day, and we felt soooo loved! I just smiled and laughed the rest of the evening, as I thought about our sweet kids who love us and who are learning what it means to be kind, considerate, and even chivalrous.

Other kinds of flowers are blooming this month too... seeds planted long ago, and prayed over and cared for are growing into beautiful things. Praise God for signs of His life and hope in the midst of a cold, dark world... Praise God for flowers in February.

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