Thursday, February 2, 2012

Let There Be Music!

This is just one of the reasons I love having Kevan around.

Our house is full today - Kevan is at the kitchen table, playing music on his laptop... Small Hannah is next to him working on her taxes... Tall Hannah is in the dining room, playing music on her laptop and playing games... Aaron is sleeping on the couch... and Hayden is playing music on his phone, while changing the strings on his guitar. The different songs playing and the tuning of the guitar at the same time don't bother me though... they have their own special and unique harmony.

There is a 12-string guitar, a banjo, a whole set of harmonicas, and a washboard in our living room, and later tonight they will all be played, along with other guitars and possibly a ukelele, in an awesome jam session in which we will all sing along.

While I love the quiet corners in my life, I also cherish these times of music and sounds of joy. It reminds me of a song Andrew Peterson wrote, "Let There Be Music." I'm adding a link to the song, for you to enjoy it today too!

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