Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A part of His story

"I tell you the truth, wherever the gospel is preached throughout the world, what she has done will be told, in memory of her." ~ Mark 14:9

Can you imagine, being forever personally connected with the message of the gospel of Jesus? To realize that in every country, in every language, throughout the generations, whenever people hear the good news, you are a part of this story too?

I wonder how the poor woman took this prophecy... the woman who was bent low with teary eyes and hanging hair and a broken bottle in her hand and a sweet fragrance all around her. I wonder if she even knew the significance of what she was doing when she did it... or was it just this urge in her to give up and let go of something extravagant that had captivated her for too long... or had she just come to a point where she could hold nothing sacred or precious beside Jesus... nothing at all mattered to her but him, so there was no such thing as waste or expense or value left in her life to hold. "What she has done..." was whole surrender of herself and all she could boast of, and it spilled all over Jesus until nothing was left. Her name, family, relationships, livlihood, background, later life, death - all of that is lost and forgotten, and all that remains is that her life was given completely to the Lord and hidden in him, to be a mention in his gospel, for the sake of his glory.

And because of that decision, that act, she is a part of his story.

What is the gospel? It is good news about Jesus! He came to earth, he lived among us, he healed and restored and blessed and taught and set an example of love, he died so that we could be forgiven and washed clean, he rose again so that we could have victory and life and hope, he taught us how to live and gave us power through the Holy Spirit to do his will and bring glory to him. The gospel is all Jesus and all about Jesus, but also all about Jesus inviting us into his story too. He laid down his life for us, so that we can lay down our lives for him and join him in true, life-giving, transforming relationship that will change ourselves and change the world. If we let go of us and take hold of him there is freedom and joy and peace.

And when we do, we become a part of his story too.

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