Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Grafted Sisterhood

I'm guessing those of you out there who read my blog pretty regularly are pretty much family... those who have known me a while and find this the easiest way to keep up with my comings and goings. And so I am also guessing that it may come as a bit of surprise to you to meet my sisters today. How many of you knew that I come from an extensive family of two brothers and five sisters? Yes, eight of us in all. Andrew, Pam, me, Brie, the twins Kelsey and Kevan, Tall Hannah, and the baby, Small Hannah. Of course, I've had lots of adopted siblings over the years, and still the running joke is: "...And how are we related to so-and-so again?" And I love that. I love that the family of God is so much more than blood types and gene pools and that it just grows and grows without borders, like so much Southern kudzu.

In the past couple weeks, this very special family has congealed in my heart, beyond good friends and faithful companions. It started by explaining to the nursing staff why the 2-guest limit was not going to jive in my hospital room, because we come as a unit what cannot be seperated. The only real trick was to explain our red-headed Kevan, who showed up not looking anything like the rest of us. It was just a fun game, to pretend I had sisters and be a part of a big big family for a while.

But as we allowed the nurses to believe we really were sisters... as my mom treated each girl like a real daughter and part of her real family... I realized it wasn't just individual relationships with me that tied us together. The girls were treating each other like sisters too. They all fell into their roles so naturally, looking out for me and each other, playing and planning and working together. They all have their own unique personalities and specialties - calming, bossing, and complimenting each other, bringing out the best in each other, and the best in me.

We aren't adopted... we're grafted. We've got the same Father, and his love and joy and peace flows through all of us. When we are apart, we are about as different as six girls can be, but when we are together our focus, perspective and hope is the same. These days of bonding and loving and selfless living for each other and for Him I will always cherish. I love you, my grafted sisterhood.


  1. Love it ! GET WELL SOON !!!! Pam always wanted a sister , now she has lots !!! Praying for you. Bust outta there soon !!

  2. i read your blog! Even though I am not a family member :) I know HannahBeth :)