Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Book Review: Riverward Dialogues

A couple years ago, Kevan started a blog, and in classic Sir Arthur Conan Doyle style, he posted a brilliant original story, one chapter at a time. I checked in frequently to read... sometimes laughing, sometimes smiling at his witty genius, sometimes screaming because I'd have to wait another week before reading the next installment, and sometimes just staring at the last words of a post and breathing deeply, trying to wrap my brain around what had just happened.

I am thrilled to announce that these posts and all the emotion they conjure up are now available to the general public and specifically to you, in his first ever, highly anticipated, published manuscript, Riverward Dialogues!

The whole story happens in one night, and each chapter is a different dialogue, taking place in some part of the fictional city of Riverward. It's quite artistically pieced together... As you read, you begin to make connections between characters and events and uncover the plot that is mainly focused on two people - a hitman and a detective. Can't really give you more details than that without giving too much away... But I think I can say that my very favorite bits were chapters 4, 10, 13, 16, and 17. I know that doesn't seem very selective, but that's the best I can do... So order your own copy from the link above, and read it - you will be glad you did. And then let me know what your favorite bits are. :)

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