Monday, February 4, 2013

"Just add water, and count to three... one and two and-!"

A small miracle is occurring at our Hobbit Hole. Well ok, miracles are actually happening all the time at our Hobbit Hole... Prayers are answered, relationships are restored, divine appointments are arranged, language barriers are broken, and the list goes on. Life feels a bit magical right now, and it is thrilling to live it out.

But there is a peculiar thing that has been quietly happening on our kitchen window sill this month. Granted, we fully hoped and expected our herbs to grow taller and thicker, and we have not been disappointed about that. What we didn't expect or even consider hoping for was a taller, thicker prince.

You may recall my recent post about Small Hannah's frog that turned into a cute little munchkin prince - one Mr. Knightly, by name - who was, as Crazy Hannah put it, "Every inch the man he was meant to be." Once he was fully transformed, we drained the water out of his tightly sealed container, and set him on the window sill.

A few days later, one of our teen girls, Thet Thet, was making something in the kitchen, and decided the prince needed more water, and she filled his container up again.  The next morning, Mr. Knightly had quite literally DOUBLED in size! He was a whopping 2" tall. Hannah was a bit freaked out, so she drained him again, thinking he was maybe bloated...

But he maintained his stature, and we admired him a great deal for it. So, when curiosity got the better of us, we filled him up again... and sure enough, he now stands at 4" tall, and has nearly outgrown his container, which we cannot break open in a legal way. Now we're wondering if there was a reason for the secure seal...

Two questions: Should we find a way to release the growing prince to expand without limits? And what do you think will happen if we do?  

1" tall Mr. Knightly

4" tall Mr. Knightly

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