Saturday, April 20, 2013

Matthew, Mark, Luke, John... and Emilee

"So what do you think John the Baptist was doing while all of this went down?" I asked, after Emilee and I had discussed in length the odd Baptizer's camel hair clothing, wilderness dwelling, and locust eating habits, and then watched the baptism of Jesus unfold - heavens rent, dove-like Spirit, God's voice. We had just started our adventurous study together through the book of Mark... with a bang.

She giggled and put her hand to her face in amusement. "I can just see him sitting in the river with a tub of fried locust, eating them like pop corn." And she imitated him, hunched over, eyes wide open, and hand moving frantically from bowl to mouth, like she was watching an intense movie. I cracked up with her, and thanked God again for throwing this crazy girl into my life.

She definitely took some poetic liberty in her response, but it shows that she's relating to these people who knew Jesus personally, that they are real-life people to her, not just two-dimensional characters in a story... and she thinks they are awesome. I have never thought of John as being so engaged, enthralled, dumbfounded by the experience before, but it makes total sense, I'm sure I'd react the same way, and I will forever think of John with his bucket of fried locusts.

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