Friday, September 6, 2013

Family time

Joe scooped the ice cream, Todd split the bananas, and Jared... well, Jared poured caramel sauce when I specifically told him not to. Bowls of M&Ms and bottles of Hershey syrup and eight chairs squished around the dining table of the guys' "Lake House"... that is our idea of a family meeting. And what a great lookin' family, too, don't you think?!

me, Hannah, Brandon, Jared, Shannon, Todd, Joe, and Lisa

I thank God for blessing me so richly with friends, family, ministry partners who are so incredible - strong, wise, fun, passionate, loving, kind, and good. We've laughed and prayed together, we've celebrated good news and wrestled through bad news together. We plan activities, pick up kids, pray for creativity and energy, keep our doors open and our schedules flexible, and work hard together because we share a common desire to love and serve teens and families in our community... and we remind each other of that whenever we get discouraged. We might not look like much, but we know God's power has been crazy at work in and through us this year. He has done great things, and we know we will continue to see him do great things, as we keep our eyes focused and our hands open and our feet ready for action. 

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