Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Guardians of Grand Secrets

Poetic thoughts from our walk around Jackson Lake, Wyoming, in Grand Tetons National Park. Photos are compliments of Brie Elliott. 

Listen - Watch - Breathe
We are small and insignificant and
Moving between giant pillars of evergreen
That hold up the domed cathedral ceiling
Of a marbled grey and silver sky

They do not watch us, 
But are very aware of our presence
Like the royal palace guards
Tall and straight and still
Unflinching in their vigil 
Over the grand secrets - 
Treasures of the heart of God... 

Deep things that are hidden away in the clefts of the mountains
And buried in the depths of the silver glacier lake.
They are carried on the wings of hawks and eagles
And whispered in the rustling of wild creatures in the trees.

We are hemmed in, surrounded
We cannot see over, around, or through
Nature's high security system -
Coniferous guards stand at attention
And line a smooth, well-carved path
Guiding our steps to keep us safe,
And keep the Secrets safe from us.
I wonder if they are tightening their ranks
Or hoping we will defy them and break through.

So we leave the guarded, tamed road
In search of mystery and wonder...
And we find it -
Too majestic to speak of in words.
Glimpses of secrets as old as the earth,
Truth as vast as the heavens,
Tales of life that goes on and on forever
Yet is being renewed day by day.

What are we - so small and insignificant
Before such beauty and glory -
That You are mindful of us?
Such knowledge is too wonderful for me,
Too lofty for me to attain.
All I can do is listen - watch - breathe
All I can do is worship the God of Grand Secrets.

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