Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Your Song

"By day the Lord directs His love, 
at night his song is with me - 
a prayer to the God of my life." 
- Psalm 42:8

Long ago, You put your song in my soul -
A melody of truth and hope,
Inspired by redemption and grace,
Accompanied by joy and love,
Harmonized with freedom and peace.
It created life and light in me
And I sang it for all to hear.

There have been times, I confess,
When the tune begins to feel monotonous -
I get bored and impatient and distracted.
Other songs sound more fresh and exciting,
And I turn my ear to listen.
I think how much better this song would sound
With refrains of romance and dynamics of thrill,
With crescendos of tangible success and cadences of visible results.
But every time I improvise to try to improve it,
The canon clashes and screeches in dissonance.

I come back to You - oh, Great Composer -
With broken chords and a broken heart,
And You play your song once again for me,
And You say, "Sing along this time - you know the words."
At first I am afraid to -
Ashamed that I have disregarded it and forgotten.
I timidly hum along, and it comes back to me - every note and beat,
And then I realize the music never stopped or faded;
It's always been there, waiting for me to listen and join in -
A song of salvation - of You! - of Your great mercy and glory.
And You didn't create it for me; You created me for it,
To sing it, play it, proclaim it with my whole life.

So I do...
And as I do, I hear the deeper magic and beauty -
Your romance and thrill,
A much purer and stronger and richer sound than mine,
Woven throughout all history and all my life -
The song You wrote, and placed in my soul.


Sometimes your soul just needs to be reminded to sing... 

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