Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Letter to the Hobbits

To my dear hobbits,

It's been almost four weeks since we've been together. Brie traveled West and I traveled South to see our parents, brothers, and furry friends. Hannah is getting a tan and warding off mosquitoes in Africa, and Emilee is keeping vigil and defending our home against Snowpocalypse 2014.

And while we have each had our fair share of adventures (and the world is surely a better place because of them), I miss you all and just want to be with you again. I want us to put on fuzzy socks, light some candles, mix up some hot chocolate, and cuddle on the couch, reading each others' eyes and giggling at everything and nothing all at once. And if any of us had pipes to smoke, I'm sure that would be a part of our celebration too.

If I know anything about hobbits (and I like to think that I do), it's that they love to be at home. Hobbit Holes mean comfort - cozy old chairs, fully stocked pantries, hot drinks, and music and stories! But where do the stories come from? Well, that is the other thing about hobbits - as much as they love home, they know Adventure lurks outside their door and is bound to make them late for supper, but is worth the risk to find treasure and a good story. No matter where Adventure takes them, their heart still pines for the home they love.

That is what I've learned it means to be a hobbit - to feel a constant tension between the thrilling quest for true love and high adventure, and the safety and comfort of home... to feel a deep contentment to be still and cling to small moments, and at the same time a deep restlessness to seek and find more. I've seen each of us really wrestle hard with that tension over the past year. Rich, deep, full life is in both places, you know. And while we can only have one or the other at a time right now, I think the tension serves to remind and encourage us that in Heaven we will have both at the same time. Our longing for home and our longing for adventure will be wholly satisfied when we are with Jesus. And I am so glad we'll be there together - just think of the times we'll have!

Until that glorious day, let's keep wrestling - going out and coming back again - to live life as fully and bravely and powerfully as possible. We'll be back together soon, and I look forward to seeing how our tale continues to unfold. As long as we keep our eyes on Jesus, and spur each other on to following his lead, I know the story will be unexpected and wonderful.

May the hair on your toes never fall out,

Constance Baggins

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