Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fairy Wings (2/13)

Lynn sat solemn and still, with her wings folded and cold upon her back. She could not change moods so easily, for it was her own tale that had been told and she still lived without hope of a happy ending, longing for the strength, grace and acceptance that she did not possess. She closed her eyes and resolved to leave all sad and lonely things behind. Instead, she tried to focus on the words of the happy tune sung above:

“Have you heard of the Great King, the one beyond the sea?
The one whose reign is pure and true, who came to set us free!
‘Tis true, he’s brave and very fierce, he’s fought great wars and won;
‘Tis also true he’s kind and good, and loves us like a son.
He gives us wings so we may fly, and makes it always Spring,
And grants us life so we may live – that’s why we dance and sing.
He heals the lame, touches the weak, gives strength to those who fall.
So wonderful, so magical – the greatest King of all…”

Lynn pondered the words, sung with such joy and confidence. “Is He truly like that?” she whispered to the flowers, and they bobbed their faces in assurance. She’d heard of the Great King all her life, but had never considered his power in such a way. “If I could just see him, then maybe - maybe…” her tiny voice trembled and she scarcely dared to breathe the words, but her heart pounded with hidden excitement at what she suddenly resolved to do. That very evening, she would quietly slip away while everyone was going to sleep, and she would not look back. She would find the Great King, and she would fly home on newly restored wings – what a lovely surprise that would be! She giggled with the daffodils that seemed to agree with her plan. “So wonderful, so magical – the greatest King of all!”

The thrill of anticipated adventure tingled through Lynn all afternoon, and as the sun set and all the fairies bid each other good-night, she edged closer and closer to the Spring of Herbal Restoration – a bubbling fountain that gave life to the Faerie Realm and marked the border of their land. She dipped her hand in the water and took a sip, her heart said good-night and farewell to her beloved home, and she crossed the stream.

It was an abrupt transition; the earth outside of the Faerie Realm is much harsher, for it was winter still, though nearing its end. She tripped and bruised her knee, and her soft and delicate toes were cut on the sharp dead blades of brown grass. The trees were bare, though she could sense their desire to burst into bloom soon. Everything looked tired of being dead, and this misery weighed heavily on her. She realized then that she had not prepared herself at all, had not thought about how long it would take, or how she would survive, or how she would even find the Great King in the vast expanse of his great kingdom. Darkness quickly fell around her, and she knew she would never make it alone.

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