Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Nephew time

Last week two of my nephews came to stay with us. They are awesome - funny and creative, with plenty of energy. The week was full of pools, slip-n-slides, superhero action figures, Legos, Disney movies, Doritos and M&Ms. But my favorite time was after they had their baths and got in their pajamas, when they came in my room and climbed into bed beside me for story time. I wrote a story for them, in which they were "The Brothers Courageous," and even though it didn't have any pictures, they actually liked it - especially the end, when they all got swords and were knighted by the King for their acts of courage that saved the kingdom. I love these guys, and continue to pray that they will grow up to be mighty warriors for Jesus... and they are well on their way.

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