Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Something New!

I've been silent for a while... I didn't know what to write about, because I didn't know what I was called to invest in, and I didn't know what God was trying to teach me. But lately, things have started coming into focus more.

Some Christian people seem to have a very clear mission in life - whether its a career or field of study, or its a city or country or people group, or its a program or organization or a church. And I would really like to think I have a "niche" - one piece of the world or history to call my own and spend my life on. But the more I try to find and establish it, the more God seems to redirect and redefine it. I know I have two passions: to love and serve international people, and to equip and encourage believers to love and serve international people. But what that looks like and how it plays out keeps shifting so I can't get too comfortable.

I've been learning some things about myself, and how the Lord wants me to live and serve:

Keep alert and look for the ways He is actively at work, and join Him there. When I try to start my own thing, or drag something along that isn't bearing fruit, I burn out and miss out on God's work.

Don't hold on too tightly to anything on this earth. When I do, I start to put my faith and trust in it... and He is very jealous for my faith and trust.

I really can't do anything for God, but He invites me to do things with Him and through Him. Ministry is not about me and what I can do... it is about what He is doing. And He is always doing something new! So I want to share with you the glimpses I get of His work, here and all over the world.

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