Monday, July 4, 2016

Ocean Waves

A poem I wrote, inspired by the beautiful ocean views and the beautiful ministry I experienced in Portland, Maine... 

The rhythm of the waves --

Reaching out and pulling in
Rolling forth and falling back
Advancing and retreating
Swelling and shifting
Coming and leaving
Exhaling and inhaling and exhaling again.

Constant in its fluidity
Eternal in the temporary
Making all things new and fresh and new again.

Sweeping over sand
Swirling among shells
Washing through seaweed
Crashing against rocks
Transforming everything it touches
In slow, deliberate strokes.

Let me not sit
Still and stagnant
Safe and timid in the shallows.

Give me purpose and freedom on Your open seas --
Breathing Your mercy in and out of me
Casting Your love on dry and parched hearts
Bringing life to dead and dying souls
Filling hollow spaces with Your peace,
And forgotten places with Your hope.

Make me like the ocean waves,
Delighting to move with Your wind and tide, to

The rhythm of Your grace.

~ c. l. chandler

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