Monday, March 22, 2010

All His hands and feet

One of my favorite things about doing ministry is connecting with other people who love to do ministry too, who are passionate about serving and blessing people, just the way Jesus is.

Tonight at the Spoon Drop Inn sat a couple who pastor a Quaker church nearby and are involved and excited about the community. They are partnering with us as we welcome the Watoto Children's Choir from Uganda in a couple weeks. The Choir is an energetic bunch of kids who love the Lord and love the people in their homeland, and they travel the world to tell the story of the needs of the orphaned and the sick, as well as bring a message of joy and hope to everyone who hears them.

This is a community event... something much bigger than our little church with a rented room can handle on its own. It's an exciting project that requires many hands and feet, resources and talents and gifts that can only be gathered sufficiently from a whole community of believers. And I love it because it reminds us that we need each other, that kingdom work is cannot be built on an island. It proves once again that we are created for relationship... and bringing others into relationship with Christ requires that we be in relationship with him and with each other, demonstrating his love in the way we work together to accomplish something great and something beautiful... something that will bring glory to his name. So thank you to those of you who are doing that - who are my partners in the gospel.

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