Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A sparrow's grass in holiday socks!

Translation: Asparagus in hollanday sauce. Tonight was quite an exotic event at the Spoon Drop Inn! We're all pretty sure it's the first time Mom has prepared asparagus for dinner, and no one would have guessed it would be because I asked for it. But it was really good! Dad said all he could think of was how about 45 years ago he sat for two hours at the table, having a staring contest with a stalk of asparagus on his plate. Apparently we were having a "very Chandler meal," what with asparagus and shepherd's pie... I think my Grandma Chandler would be proud. :)

Since I start full-time work after Easter, today was my last tutoring session with my cute little second grade fella. I got to be quite fond of him, and hope that I'll be able to hear how he's doing now and then. I also went to my last ESL volunteer session at Calvary tonight... that was difficult. I'm getting pretty attached to the Karenni kids there, too. I wrote about them when I first met them (read this entry), and it's been a very slow development of trust and familiarity. Lately I've had the opportunity to practice conversation and teach some grammar to the teenagers, which I love doing. Maybe I don't have to completely say good-bye to them yet... maybe I can muster up the energy to go back again sometimes.

I'm really amazed at how, just in the past year, I have had such a broad scope of experiences with teaching: tutoring American and Hispanic elementary school kids in all subjects, teaching pre-school kids from Egypt, Vietnam, Iran, and Mexico, teaching Hispanic and Karenni teenagers, helping my adult Egyptian friend with school work, and teaching ESL to Hispanic women. WOW! And I still have so much to learn. It is exciting though, to know that God continues to lead and guide me and gives me so many wonderful friendships and opportunities to serve.

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