Friday, April 23, 2010

really sweet

I put two lumps of sugar in my tea this morning instead of just one. Talk about SWEET. I actually couldn't remember if I had put a lump in already... my mind was not on my ritual tea preparations. It was on... explaining the roles of women in the 1920s, covering reading assignments, editing essays on Langston Hughes, responding to emails, studying the Song of Songs, praying for friends and job possibilities and decisions about the summer, remembering the ESL class from last night, mentally organizing the jigsaw puzzle I just started, and wondering what on earth I can do special for Kevan's birthday... yes, ALL of this was on my mind at once! What a busy morning my brain had! So instead of trying my tea first, I just plopped in some more sugar. Good idea: putting sugar in one's tea. Bad idea: losing track and putting in much more than necessary.

The sweetest part of my morning though was when Kevan wished me a "happy birthday week." I hadn't even thought of my birthday being a week away, but he did. Kevan is really good at finding ways to celebrate my birthday all week, too.

Tonight we kick it off with a concert at Krankie's Coffee shop downtown! There I will get some coffee - which I will surely (and consciously) put more than two lumps of sugar in - and listen to the soothing sounds of Jay Clifford, "The Singer." *sigh* Sweet times, to be sure.

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