Saturday, April 17, 2010

A smidgy hippy

Today was a "girls out day" - the girls being me, Mom, Amanda, and Bliss. I actually got excited enough to plan it myself (which will come as a shock to those of you who know me well enough to know I don't normally initiate making the plans) because there are two places downtown that I thought this particular group of girls would like to experiencec: Mary's Of Course! and Re-Tale. A note of thanks to Ellen and Leigh Ann, who introduced me to these two hidden treasures of Winston-Salem.

Mary's Of Course! is a brunch cafe that is a bit hippy and trendy, funky and original in its own right. Family owned and operated, it is personal and casual and fun. Bliss and I had turkey and cranberry creamcheese sandwiches, and mom and Amanda had personalized grilled cheeses. We opted out of the vegan "cheesecake" special for today, but there's always next time!

After lunch, we scooted down to Re-Tale, which is a small, cozy consignment shop that is also a bit trendy and unique. Some trying on and a little buying happened, but I just love being in the store and admiring all the cool stuff... imagining how I would decorate a coffee shop or bookstore or my own house someday.

If you enjoy exploring the bohemian side of Winston-Salem, I recommend checking these places out. I think all the girls enjoyed it, and I know I did! Actually, I realized that a little smidge of me is drawn to hippyism... not to the extreme... but I am into authentic community, earthy natural beauty, and some organic food, and I do like for my world to be a little hodge-podge and mismatched in an artsy way. :)

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