Friday, April 16, 2010

Tea, cookies, and dragon slayers

The best thing about coming home on a Friday afternoon might just be...

... a hot cup of vanilla chai tea with caramel macchiado creamer, coupled with a gooey homemade chocolate chip cookie. Mmmmm...

But this Friday afternoon was even better, because I got to share my special after-school treat with a very special person... He's a professional dragon slayer, skilled in producing special sound effects for battles, and famous for his super-human power of blowing people away with his mighty huffing and puffing (if he eats enough vegetables). This extraordinary person comes in a 36-inch, 31-pound package - about the size of a sack of 25 healthy frogs - with about as much energy. It is my nephew, Noah.
And when he is done slaying dragons and huffing and puffing and making battle noises... he takes some time just to sit with his Auntie Connie and have a cookie. How amazingly blessed can I be?!

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