Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Little Michael

One week until my mom comes! I am so ready to spend time with my family.

Yesterday was our last Women’s Club for the summer. I had eleven women in my ESL Bible class – a record attendance! We used all the chairs in my house and filled the dining room, but I think they had a good time and learned some things. The Bible story was one of my favorites to teach, about the woman at the well in John 4. “Give me this living water! I want to drink your water!” the woman says, and I asked the women if they want the water Jesus can give. They said yes, and I told them that if they just ask Jesus for it, he will give it to them. If they really do, I believe the Holy Spirit will convict them of sin and lead them to forgiveness too. I’m praying this happens.

Little Michael is getting stronger every day. He can now burst through weighted doors and climb the flight of stairs to his family’s room (which is no small feat). And yesterday he proved that he can now climb onto my lap all by himself! For most of the summer, he has showed me love by running up to me, patting my lap with his little hands, and grinning up at me. Sometimes, he just runs straight to my lap, wraps his arms around my legs and rests his head in my lap. I return the love by patting or kissing his little head or giving him hugs. He is precious, after all. Well yesterday, he ran to me for his usual greeting, but this time he grabbed my skirt on both sides of my lap and pulled. Using it as a makeshift rappelling rope, he put his little feet up on my footrest and then hiked his knee up on my lap! At that point he got this sudden realization that he didn’t know how to get his other leg up there, so here he was, halfway between secure ground and an inviting cuddle corner. I grabbed his upper arms to keep him from falling on his head and held on for dear life until Thang Ngaih could run to the rescue. Of course, now that we both know he can do it and that it’s not mere wishful thinking or empty threats, I have to be much more careful and make sure another adult is around! He is indeed precious though, and his determination to sit on my lap says, “I love you and trust you,” so much louder than words ever could.

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