Saturday, July 31, 2010

Maintenance of the House and the Church

Today was a productive day for Pam and I! We changed light bulbs, unclogged drains, checked smoke detectors, and tightened loose screws around the house. Actually, dear Pam did these things, and I directed and oversaw all the projects. :) I must say I am quite impressed with my little handy-girl! We finished up the day with a fabulous salad, which included Jayne's home-grown lettuce, with some mandarin oranges, craisens, sliced almonds, shredded colby-jack cheese, grilled chicken, and ranch dressing. It was beautiful and delicious, and I like to think it would make my dear Miss Peggy back at home very proud.

While we worked on the house, Hau Lun had a group of about ten Burmese men in the dining room around the table, snacking on oranges, with their Bibles and notebooks open. From the tone of their conversation, we are pretty sure it was a church leadership meeting. The new pastor has been here for about two weeks now, and I think they are figuring out how to serve and grow their little Chin-Zo fellowship more effectively - as any church leadership team should do from time to time. They talked for several hours, interspersing their conversation with songs and prayers. They sounded very excited and passionate, and I wish I knew what they were saying. I wish I knew what their ideas are and how they worked through their questions and concerns. When they were through, they hugged and blessed each other warmly, and Hau Lun looked very pleased and excited. I can't wait to spend the fall with them and see what God is leading them into!

I want to take good care of my house, because it is not only where I live, but it is one of my central places for building relationships and ministering to others. I invite people to come in, so I want them to feel like it is clean, safe, orderly, and comfortable, and I want them to know they are welcomed and loved here. The church is very much the same - it is a place of community and fellowship, and should be well maintained - spiritually, emotionally, socially, and physically - so that those who come in will experience the love of Jesus.

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