Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Family Time

It's a beautiful fall day - windy and full of colorful leaves outside, and I'm inside, in my sweater and house slippers, having a cup of tea with a friend. So life is better today, and since I'm done feeling sorry for myself, I wanted to share some sweet pictures with you from my weekend with my mom...

Mom just couldn't wait to hold baby Deborah, who is now six months old.
Don't you just love the bows on her shoes?!

Thang Ngaih asked us to take a family photo for them.
I was so impressed that the kids looked at the camera!

I realized that I'm usually the one taking pictures,
so I didn't have any of me with the family.
So while the kids were still attentive, and the parents were still smiling,
Mom got a picture of me with my Angaying Inn family.

And since we were on a role with the family pictures,
Hau Lun offered to take one of mom and I...
Actually, Thang Ngaih offered and told him to do it. :)

 I took Mom down to Jefferson Pointe Saturday night for some window shopping and dinner. Sunday we went to church together and afterward we went grocery shopping and came home and made caramel apples and hot chocolate. Monday I took her to Turnstone, the gym and pool I go to, and then we went to Panara for our old traditional bagel-and-Bible time. Then we took a nap and then helped kids with their homework. It was a simple weekend, quiet and relaxing and full of stories and reading outloud to each other. It was wonderful! Thanks, mom, for coming so far just to be with me! I love you!

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