Friday, November 5, 2010

A day of silver and gold

I can tell God is doing a new thing in my heart today, and I am praising him for it. This is a very overcast day, the sky rolling in varying shades of grey. The yard is full of fallen leaves, with a few brownish-yellowish bits clinging to nearly-bare branches above. The Connie of earlier this week... or from pretty much any earlier day like this would have been down and negative, classifying it as "gloomy" and "dead." But today as I look out my window, I see silver and gold - a beauty that is found in stillness and surrender. Learning about that beauty and growing through it this week.

As I ponder life, my deep thoughts are lightened by a busy squirrel, digging through the three-inch pile of leaves, surely wondering, "Where did I put that confounded acorn?!" I laugh at him and smile at the peace and joy I feel right now, for no other reason than that I am certain of God's love for me in this moment.

And then something catches my eye... a feather? No, too little to be a feather... wait, there's more! Bits of white, floating down, thicker now! It's snowing! Not much, just some flurries, but definitely snow and my first sighting in Indiana! It's rather exciting for a southern girl like me. :)

As I write this, the flurries are fading, and I wonder how many other people in this town got the glimpse of it that I did. The squirrel has moved on to another part of the yard, hoping to recover his lost treasure. And I am still here, still feeling peace and joy beyond understanding. Still praising the Lord.

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