Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Chandler Family Christmas

Hugs and kisses and merry Christmas!
The day has begun and all is bright,
With a Christmas tree glowing with lights
Peering out the window in
Anticipation of a possible dusting of snow
Stockings stuffed with candy and other necessities
And packages spread all around
So full of love that they remind us
Of the indescribable gifts God has lavished on us

Hugs and kisses and merry Christmas!
The gifts are opened and all is calm,
And the fire crackles and cackles over
The wrapping paper now cast aside
Instrumental renditions of "Greensleeves"
Accompany the traditional baking of pies
And memories are recycled and enjoyed again
As we share in this moment together as a family
With hugs and kisses and a merry Christmas to you!

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