Monday, December 13, 2010

Greetings from Lothlorien

Well, praise the Lord! We managed to get safely through the snow/ice/slush of Indiana and Ohio yesterday, and God answered our prayers for clear roads and clear weather from Columbus to Winston-Salem, despite the threatening road signs that warned of "Snowy Conditions" through the mountains. It was a long day, but Pam and Hannah were real troopers and got us home safe and sound, where Mom was waiting with homemade cookies, and Kevan surprised me by just being there at the dining room table with crazy Kevan-stories and Mystery Science Theater jokes.

I fear my old concept of snow and all its wonder has been ruined forever. In just two weeks in Indiana, I've seen "real" snow... it became a regular part of every-day life, in which schools and businesses are not closed and ministry programs are still a go even when there are several inches of snow on the ground, the scarf-hat-and-mittens are a normal part of my going-out routine, and I automatically wipe my wet wheels off on the front rug when I come in the house. What I consider "snow" is no longer the same as what my native Southern friends call "snow," and terms like "flurries" and "blizzards" conjure up different pictures in my mind than they once did. I have been inducted - even if only just barely - into the mystical phenomenon of "lake effect snow." Yes, in just two weeks I feel as though I am older and wiser in the ways of winter.

And now I am back in the relatively mild and brown South. My family is here, many of my friends are here, and I realized last night that most of my growing-up memories are here too. I had a story for nearly every exit we passed on 52-South, about the Mayor of Tobaccoville, my kids from my church youth group, graduate school, and favorite hot spots downtown. There is something quite nostalgic about coming home for Christmas.

Right now I'm sitting in my lovely green Lothlorien room, surrounded by pictures and books and poetry and music. I got to have my morning tea in my golden rose tea cup and got to read Lemony Snicket with Kevan. I'm comforted just knowing mom is in the next room and dad will be home from work soon. And even though I know it is cliche, I must say... for the holidays you can't beat home sweet home.

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