Thursday, February 24, 2011

Un-birthday Tea!

So my friend Pam, being the awesome "Bosom Buddy" that she is, was thinking of me even while she was on vacation in Disney World last week... she bought me "Unbirthday Tea"! So for this occasion, I am re-posting my "Mad Tea Party Un-poem" that I wrote a couple years back... enjoy!

Tea Time!
Oh, please take two lumps and tell me a story
And make sure this time it is about nothing at all
Except everything nonsensical and impossible and delightful
Toss the words about and mix them up so everyone and no one understands

Tea Time again!
As we move to the next seat and a fresher cup
I will take this opportunity to ask you a little riddle
That is so puzzling and absurd and disjointed and ridiculous
That there is no answer, at least as far as any mad person is concerned

Good heavens, Tea Time again!
It is always tea time and no time for anything else
For you see, I had a quarrel with Master Time once upon
And ever since, seconds and minutes and Mondays do not matter
Mmmm… muffins, marmalade, March Hares, and much of a muchness…

My, my, my, Tea Time once more!
Forever on time, and yet always two days late
And days are a good deal more important than hours
Perhaps it would be wise to butter up the pocket watch again
But this time, please do not use the bread knife that is so crumbly

Alas, it is Tea Time!
And what shall we celebrate this time around?
How can we make this timeless moment memorable?
We will cut the cake and then sing a song and then hail a toast
To my very merry un-birthday… and what a coincidence - It’s yours as well!

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