Monday, April 18, 2011

Birthday Boy!

Today at Little Burma is our dear Moi San's first birthday! And I am pretty sure he knew it too, judging by the cheeky, irresistable grin he wore all day. It's been quite a week for him already - he took his first independent steps the other day! He gets around pretty well, crawling up and down the stairs at record-breaking speeds. He's also amazingly strong, pulling himself up on my chair and on my lap! Oh, and he can open drawers and some doors now, too - and I found a lovely scribbled picture and crayon marks on my computer screen, along with a scattered set of my "really good crayons" (the ones that I'm slightly obsessively protective of) around my room the other day... a scene that had "Moi San!" written all over it. Note to self: it's time to start locking my door again when I'm out! Although, I felt strangely loved by my little artist.

I spent most of this morning in the kitchen, sipping hot Burmese tea, sitting next to Moi San's highchair. We played high-five and peek-a-boo, sang Burmese and English Sunday school songs (his favorite is: "He has made me glad! I will rejoice for He has made me gla-a-ad!), and he stuck my tea spoon in his mouth and sucked all the condensed milk off of it. We had quite a nice visit, and I never thought I'd enjoy tea time so much with a baby.

Hannah and I gave him a set of colorful, plastic, baby-sized spoons to play with... or eat with... and a soft, plush blue bunny to cuddle with. We gave them to Lian first, who passed them on to her son, saying, "Moi San, oh, Han-Na, Auntie Ka-Ni, for you!" Hehehe, oh how fun to be Auntie Ka-Ni! We also got some marshmallows for the boys to enjoy. We decided it might be a better option than a super-icinged cupcake. But we're going to introduce the sweet stickiness tomorrow... I'll let you know how it goes.  ;)

Tonight, please join Hannah and I in praying special blessings of Jesus over this precious little boy, that he will grow up to love the Lord and serve Him with his whole heart.

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